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Guangba Expressway(L J3-2 Section)Project in Sichuan Province(“Tianfu Cup” Silver Prize of  Sichuan Province)

Chengdu- Deyang- Nanchong Highway(L J05 Section) Project in Sichuan Province(“Tianfu Cup”Golden Prize of Sichuan Province)

G108 Highway Project in Sichuan Province

Fujian Quanzhou-Nanning Expressway Project(within Jiangxi Province ) Shicheng-Ji’an C5 Section

Jingfu Expressway Project in Jiangxi Province,Wen Jiazhen-Sha Tangyi A5-2 Section(Jiangxi Provincial High Quality Project)

Guangba Expressway(L J20 section)Project in Sichuan Province(Labor Day Medal and“Tianfu Cup”Golden prize of Si’chuan Province)

Changjin Expressway in Jiangxi Province (Jiangxi Provincial High Quality Project)

Suichuan Connection Line of Taigan Expressway Project in Jiangxi Province (Jiangxi Provincial High Quality Project)

Sanyi-Meiguan A5 Section of Ganzhou-Dayu Expressway Project in Jiangxi Province

National Highway 318 line Dong Eluo to Haizi Mountain Road Section project Contract LM2

Xiazhang Expressway Project B2 Section in Fujian Province

Meihan Highway Project in Xiaojin County,Sichuan Province(Jiangxi Provincial Advanced Collectives Offered Assistance for Post-Disaster Rehabilitation Project in Xiaojin County,Sichuan Province)


Dexing-Nanchang Expressway Project D11 Section in Jiangxi Province

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