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Chairman Zhang Minfeng Attends Georgia Economic and Trade Promotion Conference

On the morning of July 28, 2016 Georgia-Jiangxi Economic and Trade Promotion Conference, jointly organized by National Partnership Fund and Government of Jiangxi Province, was held in Nanchang. First Deputy Vice Prime Minister Dimitri Kumsishvili and other top officials from the government of Georgia attended the conference. Vice Governor Liu Changlin of Government of Jiangxi Province attended and addressed in the conference. Attending the ceremony were 150 people and beyond, including Director Wang Shuiping and Deputy Director Li Wenyao of Deparment of Commerce of Jiangxi Province, President Liu Cuilan of Jiangxi Trade Promotion Council, Vice Secretary-General Wang Yalian of Government of Jiangxi Province and other senior executives from concerned enterprise .

Chairmen Zhang Minfeng of Zhongmei Group and General Manager Zhang Chunan of Zhongmei International Engineering Co., Ltd was invited to attend. During the Conference, Chairmen Zhang Minfeng discussed relevant projects with various department heads from Georgia while in reaching preliminary intention to cooperate with both sides, which is founded a good base for further market development in Georgia. (editor: Wen Zhe) 

Vice Governor Liu Changlin making speech at the conference


Site of conference

 Chairman Zhang Minfeng taking photo with First Minister of Regional Development of Infrastructural of Georgia

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